Photo by Ramona Rosales

Hello! I'm working to improve the technology that controls our shared visual experiences.

I am a former photojournalist and a lifelong treasure hunter. My work focuses on how photography shapes culture—how we see and feel seen.

I specialize in the art and science of visual storytelling and its powerful influence on our perceptions of reality. For this work I draw upon my own journey, supporting era-defining cultural moments at Instagram and National Geographic Magazine.

Fun fact: I have the unique distinction of running the world’s two largest organizational social media accounts between 2012-2018, during a pivotal time when platforms scaled from human-powered content discovery to algorithmic personalization for the first time.

Today, you can find me in software research and development with Apple Camera and Photos. I serve on the board of the Magnum Foundation and as affiliate fellow with Stanford University's Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

Photograph by Ramona Rosales
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