Photo by Ramona Rosales

Hello! I'm working to improve the technology that controls our shared visual experiences.

How can we better shape the tools that are shaping us?

By focusing on how photography shapes culture and society, my work is about designing the next generation of visual communication tools—how we see and feel seen.

I have sought to understand technology's powerful influence on our perception of reality as Stanford University's first Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence and JSK fellow in 2019. For this work I also draw upon my own journey, as one of the first 60 recruits at Instagram and as a senior photo editor for National Geographic Magazine.

Fun fact: I have the unique distinction of running the world’s two largest organizational social media accounts between 2012-2018, during a pivotal time when platforms scaled from human-powered content discovery to algorithmic personalization for the first time.

Today, you can find me in camera research and development with Apple Camera and Photos. I serve on the board of the Magnum Foundation and as affiliate fellow with Stanford University's Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

Photograph by Ramona Rosales
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